2016 October Attendance at Artist Talk with Vince Lupo, Washington D.C

2015 November Attendance at Artist Talk with Andre Wagner, Washington D.C

2015 May Attendance at Artist Talk with Sharon Farmer, Washington D.C



2015 Freelance Photographer Sentinel (Prince Georges County Bureau)

2014 Freelance Photographer for Prince George’s County Suite Magazine

2013 Freelance Photographer for the Washington Informer

2012 Photographer for First Baptist Church of Glenarden



Emulsion 2017, featuring “Doing it for the Insta”, March 3, 2017- March 16, 2017, Washington, D.C

Month Of Photography Los Angeles  (MOPLA), featuring “Doing it for the Insta”, January 12, 2017- February 12, 2017, Los Angeles, California



2017 PetaPixel- Meet Michael McCoy, the Veteran who Fights PTSD with Photography

2017 Time Magazine-12 African American Photographers you Should Follow Right Now

2017 Time Magazine- How One War Veteran Uses Photography to Manage his PTSD

2015 Baltimore Sun- Baltimore Street Photographer’s Series